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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  July 6, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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obama took questions from citizens all of the country at a unique event at the white house. >> yes this was called a twitter town hall. people submitted comments 140 characters or less. the thing they were talking the most about was the economy. jennifer donelan is in the newsroom with more on this story. >> the president made history. >> i am going to make history year as the first president to live tweet. >> to kick off the first official twitter town hall at the white house, mr. obama headed to the presidential laptop and said the world a tweed. he asked in order to reduce the deficit, while costs would you cut, and what investments would you keep? >> the actual people on the streets, what they are thinking every day. >> needed the president nor i know the questions that will be asked today. >> there was a moderator.
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>> mr. president, will you issue an executive order to raise the debt ceiling? >> renegadenerd that says it all there. >> house speaker john boehner asked where are the jobs. >> john obviously needs to work on his typing skills. [applause] >> the conversation was mostly serious and focused on the economy. >> if they are willing to give up a little bit more, then we can solve this problem. >> one who asked about housing said that it was a big -- it was big ups for the president. >> we have got the same obligations. >> now, when the president wrapped up the town hall he said it was fun. they are boiling down the answers to the necessary 140
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characters. you can go online to read those tweeds. reporting from the newsroom, abc7, jennifer donelan. >> for more, log on to our website at of course the debt ceiling is also being talked about on capitol hill. top lawmakers will be meeting at the white house to try to hammer out a plan. they have just two weeks to come to a compromise, but it looks like talks have been progressing. they are looking to consider proposals to close tax loopholes. leon? shutting down parts of the bw parkway today a man walked out of the woods near a construction site and attacked a speed camera truck. the suspect, a man believed to be in his sixties yet the van with a hammer and was also said to be carrying a shotgun and
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was yelling incoherently. the man slipped back into the woods. police are still searching for the suspect. meanwhile people are continuing to react strongly to the verdict in the casey anthony murder trial. anthony has been found not guilty but the court of public opinion is another matter entirely. they are upset that she can make millions from selling her story if she chooses to do so. we have more with caroline from our satellite center. >> her trial is over. casey anthony is now in a position to tell her story in her way to whoever wants it, and, yes whoever pays big bucks to get it. just one day ago casey anthony faced the prospect of living the rest of her life behind bars. today, she faces the prospect of making millions. >> it is outrageous. she should not be able to prosper from her child's death. >> her baby is dead.
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she needs to pay. >> in the age of what some are calling textbook journalist, a blockbuster, media outlets vying for an exclusive. >> you know, it is the news media, no offense, so they are going to have to go after the story. they are in the business to get ratings. >> while many say they do not pay for interviews, they have shelled out big bucks for information. outlets like tmz. some say that they admit they want to hear what she has to say. >> i would hate to see their benefits but me, as a consumer, i want to know about the situation. >> is in her fault or the people who pay her? >> a business strategy. >> i do not believe anybody making millions off of the death of someone especially an innocent child. >> and some estimates anthony
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could get at least $1 million for a full interview but the biggest money could come through the entertainment world with books and movies and with that, there is no telling how much she could get. a special programming note for you tonight. at 10:00 daschle prime-time "nightline." abc7 news at 11:00 will then follow. the accused fort hood shooter now faces the death penalty. the commanding general announced that the general will be court- martialed. the army psychiatrist is accused of going on a shooting rampage at fort hood in 2009. he was charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder and other accounts murder. the next front of the war on terror. surgically implanted in explosives to carry out attacks. the transportation security
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administration has notified all airlines to be on alert. there is no word on who is behind this plot. the tsa says they shouldn't employe-measures of security when they travel. a meeting today between prosecutors and defense attorneys in the dominique strauss-kahn case. what is being said about the closed-door sessions. and new video of that incredible dust storm that went through arizona. a 17-year-old stafford teenager is charged with shooting and killing a 62-year- old woman. i am stephen tschida. that story for you in a moment. sunshine, warm, and humid.
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new at 6:00 a 17-year-old girl is behind bars in stafford. >> she allegedly shot and killed a woman outside her staff for home. stephen tschida has more and reaction. >> people in this community say authorities say this is an isolated incident, and we have learned that the 17-year-old girl was related to the 62-year- old victim. this is a quiet subdivision. people live here as says there is little to no crime.
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they found a wife and mother lying on the floor. she was not breathing. they quickly discovered she was dead from a gunshot wound. >> i am just too close. i just heard about in about an hour ago. i was just coming over to see if i could do anything, but there is nobody here. >> tonight, a woman who says she is a relative says she knows very little about the killing. investigators are not saying much about what they believe transpired in this home yesterday because of the age of the suspect. we know investigators quickly focused on the 17-year-old female. she was charged with murder today. the woman is stopped by the house said the victim was first sister-in-law. she also says the 17-year-old is the victim's needs. >> this is my niece. >> the daughter?
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>> no, a different needs. -- niece. >> she is charged as a juvenile and will remain behind bars until the next court appearance. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. still to come on abc7 news the defense of dominique strauss-kahn. we have got the latest. plus, are more storms headed our way? doug hill is back with the complete forecast. and the nats continue to surprise people with another winning streak. and the soccer
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today, lawyers for dominique strauss-kahn said they had a productive meeting with prosecutors. despite that, the prosecutor's office says they are not ready to drop charges against the former imf chief. the meeting comes days after the house arrest was lifted, and questions surfaced about the accuser, including her whereabouts after the alleged
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attack. dominique strauss-kahn is accused of sexually assaulting a hotel maid. they say prosecutors are likely trying to salvage their case. the new chief of the international monetary fund is promising great changes under her administration. >> today christine lagarde held a press conference in washington. she started her new job yesterday. she wants to focus on an appointment and then deficits. the former french finance minister succeeds dominique strauss-kahn. former first lady nancy reagan celebrated her 90th birthday today at a friend's house at a luncheon in her honor. she was born in new york in 1921 and spent part of her adolescence here in bethesda md., and now, she spends most of her time in california. something you just do not see every year. a giant wall of dust over phoenix. the national weather service has
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called this phenomenon and i hope i pronounced this correctly, a "haboob," and it was so severe that they have canceled all flights out for over one hour. "haboob"? >> bill wilmore know all about it. >> it gets higher off of the ground and then it just perpetuates. at the weather center i can imagine this is a very crazy scene. >> yes, we will talked-about that of the later, because we have a chance to see it again on our website. a look around the area, our skies are partly sunny in the district. look at all of the red and yellow. that is pretty heavy rain. there will be quite a bit of it through virginia the carolinas and southward, and probably the
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district and west virginia as well. tropical moisture we are watching the heaviest thunderstorms in southern virginia and in the carolinas. that rain is in the form of heavy downpours through florida and there is a 70% chance of storms that could affect the final launch of the space shuttle on friday. it feels like 93 with that heat and humidity thing again. in leesburg, 90, feeling like 96. in beltsville it is a 88 right now and feel as light 91. it was a little below average 77 the morning low the record high for this day 103 degrees. we are far from that. however next week, we will be back in the mid 90's. it is the summertime. we will take a day in the mid 80's. that is what we have right now.
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81 in quantico and fredericksburg. they get the break today. why are we eddings -- readings in the west, where they have more sunshine -- warmer readings in the west. this is a tropical area of moisture. there may be a little more organized element in the atmosphere try to develop here. we will keep an eye on it but the moisture comes right out of central america, right out of the tropics, straight up the coast, and this will be affected florida, they need it, and some of this will be fed by winds kind of channelling everything northward, a cold front to boot a bill extra feature coming in tomorrow. the bottom line is it will be hot and humid the next couple of days. not everywhere, not every minute, but because of the increasing moisture in the air any of these storms can release torrential downpours and we will talk more about that tomorrow. for the morning a monday start
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72 the temperature 87 at midday with isolated storms. storms likely tomorrow night, a high to 93 degrees. friday and friday night a chance of storms. pleasant on saturday. lower humidity. still dry on sunday. then the heat and humidity start again on monday and tuesday with more chances of storms on tuesday. the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers moving you forward. >> the cubs tonight. >> nothing is stopping them. the weather cannot, and their style of play. phenomenal. hopefully, we will see more of that tonight. consider this. each of their last nine victories have come by a run. it is a new nickname, the juggernaut, and today, they want to make it three in a row with the cubs. but it is the bullpen that is
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red-hot right now. a recently named all-star that you see right there, he has an incredible .186 era. he is a key to the success. we caught up with him about it. >> every close game that we are in, we feel we can win and we have been. it is kind of very beneficial for this club to get those winds, especially in close games. it gives everyone confidence, and i think it will only get better from here. >> we go to the minors. this goes over the fence. it just amazing. take another look. it defies gravity. the play of the day. he holds on to become a great play of the day as well. >> here is the good news for the u.s. women's soccer team. regardless of today's outcome, they are advancing to the
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quarterfinals, but the bad news is because of today's outcome, they will face brazil. this was deflected off of the wall to go in. sweden wins, 2-1. a u.s. player got her first goal of the world cup. and from overseas, as local as you can get. a potomac native basically signed a one-year deal, and even more of a homecoming considering he was a former captain of the capitals, but he has bounced around a lot since then playing on four teams, last season with the montreal canadiens. he was nicknamed "suitcase" because of that. most importantly he is just happy to be back in washington. >> immediately, it was just the thought of being back here in front of a lot of people who have supported me over the years. it is just the excitement of
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playing for this team and knowing how good they are and how close they are to winning a cup and getting a chance to be a part of that. >> veteran experience. you have got to love that. and a contract today with amerced $5 million -- it today worth almost $5 million in hockey. the player is recovering from a shoulder injury but should be ready to go for the start of the season. cannot wait. and you will want to tune into sports talk tonight. redskins' great josiah's and will be in the studio at 9:00. >> did to see him again -- redskins' great joe size
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it is the perfect idea for young history buffs. >> the gettysburg national military park has created training -- trading cards of the civil war. it is the anniversary of the battle of gettysburg and the anniversary of the start of the civil war. the cards are available at every civil war battlefield. they can collect these cards and ultimately win a free backpack. >> it will help them learn their history. what about learning about
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our weather? >> let's look to tomorrow. partly cloudy, hot humid climate in the 90's, with some possibly heavy storms in the evening. same thing into friday and especially friday afternoon and night. the weekend looks better. it will be noticeably dryer. you can go to if you click on the blue weather tab, you can go to the section and here is what you need to check on at the blob, and what you want to look for there is the dust storm the "haboob," and you can get the like button and hit it over and over again. >> it is enough to take things off of the ground? >> like a thunderstorm. that is what generated it and started it up.
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